The Team

  • Scott Kaufman (Founder, ext 700)

    Scott has been an executive recruiter since 1996.  In addition to founding  he is currently the president of Convergence Recruiting, a firm he founded in 2002.


    “In my own academic and career pursuits, I made some very uninformed decisions.  I also tried following the advice of well-meaning people that didn’t understand my real strengths and weaknesses.  As a result, I wasted a lot of time and effort early in my career.  I am driven to help today’s students avoid the mistakes I made.”


    Scott is married to his high school sweetheart.  They have a son and daughter in college that are eager to launch their own careers.  Outside of family Scott’s interests include helping non-profit ministries expand their impact, tennis, hiking with his dog, and reading.  Scott graduated with a business degree from the University of Georgia. Scott can be reached at 404-381-8971, ext 700. 

  • Jennifer Bruck (Head of Communication & Marketing, ext 701)

     After advancing her career as a Training Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Interactive Marketing Services, Inc., Jennifer started and grew Jennerations Artwork, specializing in murals and fine art for children.


    "I put my love of communication and visual arts to work for the next generation – creating artwork that reflects the unique personality of each family or business.  My artwork has always centered on the passions and positive messages parents have wanted to instill in their children.  As a team member with, I now have the opportunity to help equip students with how to put those passions to work for themselves!"  Jennifer can be reached at 404-381-8971, ext 701. 

  • Robbie Colcord (CIO, ext 702)

    Robbie has spent 20+ years in software development. His experience spans from large development teams in Fortune 500 environments, to working for startups, and as a one-man software shop. As technology has changed, Robbie has worked with everything from the big blue mainframes to the hand held devices of today...and everything in between.


    “I wish I had access to something like in my early years.  The main reason I chose a math degree was because I didn't like writing.  A more informed decision would have been much better.  I have also wrestled with how to guide my own kids as they've faced academic and career choices.  I think will go a long way toward helping young people figure out what they want to do when they grow up!”  Robbie can be reached at 404-381-8971, ext 702. 

  • Joe Colavito (Advisor, and Executive-on-Loan)

    Joe has 25+ years of business experience and is the founder of Corevu LLC, a boutique consulting and coaching firm created to equip high impact leaders with clarity and focus.


    “I’m excited to join Scott Kaufman and  I can't stand the thought of my children or their peers relying on guesswork or trial and error to find their ideal career.  As I look back on my own random route to discover what I was meant to be doing, I am convinced we can help the next generation with a much better approach to career navigation.  At, we get to help students avoid unnecessary detours and potholes along their journey.  What a great way to invest my time!”


    Joe and his wife have five children.  When he's not coaching his kids, Joe enjoys reading, exercising and golf.

  • Veronica Squires (Advisor)

    Veronica is the director of corporate development for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta.  Prior to joining BGCMA, she held leadership, fundraising and external relations positions at the Posse Foundation (Posse Atlanta), InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and the National Society of High School Scholars.


    “As a senior in college, I fell into a role.  I am fortunate to love what I do now, but if I had come across, earlier in my schooling, it would have been a much smoother and less painful journey.”