Our services are designed to help your teen


discover and combine


what they CAN do well


what they’re INTERESTED in doing


and what they can get PAID to do

Most would call this intersection the ultimate in career success.  The good news is that we can help your teen get there.  


Our full program includes:

1. Measuring your teen’s distinctive attributes.[ details     ]
2. Delivering expert analysis.[ details     ]
3. Providing comprehensive reports...and a plan.[ details     ] ensures that your teen is on the path

to arrive at his or her career “sweet-spot”



What makes unique?

A key component of  is the tools we harness.  For example, one assessment (tHAB) will measure your teen’s “natural abilities.”  While your teen’s scores do NOT determine what they can or can’t do…they DO determine what they can or can’t do quickly & easily.

The results are the career equivalent to measuring for height in basketball.  Being in the top 1% for height doesn’t ensure basketball success.  But it is a BIG advantage.


Likewise, being in the bottom 50th percentile for height doesn’t guarantee failure.  But a person that is short, relative to other players competing for a spot on the team, will have to work extremely hard to overcome this disadvantage.


In a hyper-competitive world, there is a significant advantage for your teen to start smart by knowing where they stack up…well before choosing a college major and potential career path.

tHAB is considered the “gold standard” for abilities assessments because the test-taker is required to solve actual work-samples under time pressure.  And the scores reveal exact percentile ranks in 20 separate areas.

This makes tHAB the only tool in the world that is a truly objective assessment of abilities that can be taken online in the comfort of your own home.

There are fewer than 350 people in the world certified to use the tHAB Assessment.

Your specialist at is one of them.