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  • “I just wish our son had gone through the MyCareerIQ.net process before college. It definitely would have helped him decide what direction to go with his major.”  -Debbie M.
  • The MyCareerIQ.net process really helped me understand how I could use my personal qualities to succeed in my current studies and plan for a successful career that I know I will love!”  -from anonymous survey
  • “MyCareerIQ.net really helped me understand myself and my true talents so I could do a better job of focusing on the right job and career direction for me. I now have a lot more confidence regarding a career that fits me.” -Matt M.
  • “It was a very well-managed and helpful process. It was a fantastic experience. “The tools and analysis can be an amazing tool in helping families like ours guide our children. Keep driving with it…you’re doing a great work.”  -Mike R.
  • “You did a great job in relating to Rob. I want our daughter to go through the program, and our older son after that.”  -Tracie G.
  • “Thank you so much for meeting with my mom and me on Friday. I really enjoyed the session and seeing what my strengths and weaknesses are. I have probably told all of my close friends about it and they all thought it was really cool. The results are going to be very useful in making decisions now and in the future.”  -Maddy K.
  • “We are very pleased with the information we received and feel like this will be a tremendous help in understanding the types of jobs or opportunities that our son will thrive in. Hopefully he can avoid some of the job hopping that might otherwise have happened. He felt very affirmed and challenged to make the most of the abilities that God has given him. Thanks so much for your help in this.”  -Margaret C.
  • “AMAZING. Just absolutely fantastic what you are doing. Thank you so much for the incredible time, insight and guidance with our daughter. We found immediate results and clarity in helping with key decisions about our daughter’s future career.”  -Jarrett M.
  • “You served us above and beyond and we are VERY grateful for the gift you have given our son. I will forever be grateful for the changes we see in our son, and will continually be sending people your way for the help they can receive as well.”  -Mark M.
  • “The MyCareerIQ.net process for our son was one of the best investments we have made in a long time…just wish we hadn’t waited so long. For the first time, our son is truly motivated and directed to choose wisely his future jobs, relationships & further training…based on his wiring and natural abilities rather than what’s popular, what feels good or what happens to come his way.”  -Debbie M.