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aboutWith 15 years of recruiting experience helping dozens of organizations hire the right person, Scott Kaufman’s kids had an edge: their dad could help high school students discover their “sweet spot” — that special zone where your strongest abilities and interests align with what you can actually get paid to do.


Scott Kaufman knows about competitive job markets and what companies look for when hiring new employees. He is the founder of MyCareerIQ.net, as well as Convergence Recruiting, a highly-regarded executive search firm he started in 2002 after working for one of the largest executive recruiting firms worldwide.


For every person Scott placed with a company, he spoke to 100+ that did not get the job.They were good people,” Scott shares, “but I was forced to develop filters that would eliminate all but the very best fits. And even among the top few candidates for each opening, only one person got the job offer.”


A distinct pattern became obvious. People that got the job offers had been building on a foundation that began years before. At the point Scott extended each job offer, however, Scott wasn’t helping to create their foundation…he was merely using great tools and techniques to uncover it.


Scott began to wonder how these world-class tools and techniques could be used to give students a competitive advantage for career success. Not only his own teens, but any caring parents that wanted an effective way to help their high school students discover and plan for careers that were in sync with how they were uniquely created.”


Just absolutely fantastic what MyCareerIQ.net is doing. Thank you so much for the incredible time, insight and guidance with our daughter. We found immediate results and clarity in helping with key decisions about our daughter’s future career. – Jarrett M.


As your teenager is considering college, MyCareerIQ.net may be one of the best foundational investments you make.


Scott is married to his high school sweetheart, Suzanne. Together they have two kids in college (a son and daughter) that are eager to launch their own careers. Outside of family, Scott’s interests include helping effective non-profit ministries, tennis, hiking with his dog(s), and reading. Scott graduated with a business degree from the University of Georgia.

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